Sell My Old Car in Auckland: A to Z Guide

Posted On April 8th, 2019

For years, humans have been known for not picking the easier options. Why? Well, if you ask anyone why would they not take the easier option, they would tell you that believing something that seems to be ‘too good to be true’ is mostly the beginning of a fraud.

Similarly, when we look at the car sales market or the car buying the market, we often make the mistake of paying way too much to buy or get paid too less while selling. Why? Because we did not want to put in effort into doing a little bit of research on different ways to do things.

If you would, you wouldn’t have sold that old car for the price of a schnitzel! One of our customers gave us her sweet little story about finding us and then getting an offer she could not refuse!

There’s a set of questions she asked herself before she started her research and it could be of some help to you if you are also trying to get a good deal for your vehicle. We’re sharing these with the internet to help those who aren’t aware of ways to get rid of their own vehicle in Auckland.

“Do I Want to Sell My Car?”

First things first. Give yourself some time to understand your decision. Ask yourself if you really want to sell your vehicle, and take a second opinion. Sometimes car owners make hasty decisions only to regret the sale later when making amends seems impossible.

Identify a few logical reasons as to why you’re looking at selling your vehicle. Sleep on it. If you think its a good idea even when you wake up, go ahead with the next step.

“What am I going to get in exchange for this?”

You can get money or a different car. It totally depends on what you’re looking for. If you are trying to get cash for your old, unwanted vehicle, you can look at selling your car to a professional car buyer.

These car buyers offer high cash amount and top dollar prices for such vehicles. They are mostly going to resell your vehicle or even better, recycle it if it’s too old. It is subject to the condition and status of your vehicle when it is sold.

“Who can I get in touch with to sell my car in Auckland?

You can get in touch with multiple services in Auckland that will help you get rid of your vehicle. You can also try to sell your car privately, but that will take a lot of time and effort. If you’re prepared to go through the entire hassle, then list your vehicle online. Other than that, you can try selling your vehicle offline, with services like

  • Car wreckers
  • Car buyers
  • Scrap metal dealers
  • Junk Car Buyers
  • Car Removal Services etc.

“What will I have to do to get rid of this vehicle ASAP”
If you choose the easy way out, that is to sell it offline, you can always look at various companies that offer cash for cars in Auckland. You could also check a few websites to get an idea of how the procedure for a particular company works. If you call us right now, our staff will assist you with the process.

“Any Reliable Car Removal Services in Auckland?”

You will get the best service of your life, with A2Z Car Removals in Auckland. We are the most popular car wrecker and car removal companies in the region owing to our widespread availability. Did you know that we serve the entire region of Auckland and its suburbs, without any pickup fee? We do!
Our customer’s comfort is a priority for us and we do our best to give them a memorable experience.

“Why do A2Z Car Removals want to buy my old car?”

To be honest, we do it for good reviews! We know how important it is for a customer to be able to give feedback. We love getting feedback from our customers who always give us various pointers for improvement.
Did you know that we do the paperwork for all of our customers free of cost? Yes! It’s absolutely free! But how did we get the brilliant idea to provide this service to our customers? We were left a review long ago about paperwork being a headache to this particular customer. He was an old man, who wasn’t exactly comfortable doing it on his own! That’s when our absolutely considerate team provisioned for free paperwork as a service included during pickup!

If you want to get rid of your car and avail all these benefits at no cost, you should get in touch with them on their phone at 0210583527. You can also get in touch with us through our online form available on the website. You can spot the online form on your left.
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