Unwanted Car Removals

Convenient Unwanted Car Removal Service at A to Z Car Removals in Auckland NZ

Eyesore, no need, not practical, whatever the reason for your unwanted car, A to Z Car Removals can provide car owners with a quick cash sale that leaves up to $5999 cash in their hands. We are a removal company in Auckland, New Zealand that is in the business to buy cars of all makes and conditions.

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Unwanted Car Removals

We Remove Unwanted Cars Anywhere in Auckland for Free

When getting rid of an unwanted car yourself, the costs in towing alone can add up. When A to Z Car Removals is your buyer, we eliminate all towing costs as we come to you free of charge to buy and remove your car.  Our car removals extend to all areas of Auckland and are always free to our local Auckland customers.

How to Schedule A Free Car Removals in Auckland

Car collections are easily scheduled by giving A to Z Car Removals a call and requesting a cash quote for your unwanted car. We provide quotes over the phone and online, and once accepted, car owners can schedule their free removals.

  • Contact us at 0210583527 to speak with an appraiser for a cash quote for your unwanted car. We provide quotes based on the information you provide us which must include the make, model, year, and condition of your car.
  • Accept or reject our cash offer.
  • Schedule your free car removal. Our appraisers schedule car collections at times convenient for our customers and are always free to all our Auckland customers.

What We Require When Selling a Car to Us

When car owners decide to sell their cars to A to Z Car Removals, they will need to provide documentation that they are the legal owners of the cars. We accept the title of ownership for cars, as well as the scrap certificates for cars. In some cases, we can accept the registration for the cars. We also will require that all car owners have your driving license ready that they can provide to our technician at the time he arrives to buy & remove the cars.

To help to assist our technician we ask that all car owners have their cars parked in an easy to access area as our tow trucks will need to access the cars. Also, please have the plates for the cars removed.

Our technician provides all legal paperwork at the time of the removal, legally buying cars, and exchanging the cash offers for cars.

Why Choose Us?

A to Z Car Removals is a company that has built its reputation in the removal industry on excellence in services and competitive prices for cars. We are a company that works to help keep the community green with eco-friendly car disposal that implements the green standards of car recycling.

We provide our customers with:

  • Instant cash payments – Get paid on the spot for your car of any make and condition.
  • Top cash up to $5999 for cars and trucks of all conditions.
  • Free car removals anywhere in Auckland.
  • Free car wreckers & recyclers that get optimal value from your scrap, damaged, wrecked, or accident cars and trucks.
  • Free paperwork so only a signature is required.

We are your car buyers that are fair with the prices we quote for cars. Get cash for cars with A to Z Car Removals.

Contact Us for A Quote

For a quick quote, or if you would like a little more information on our services, please contact us at the number below.

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