Get Top Cash for Old Cars in Auckland

Looking for a car buyer? You can end your search at the end of this page! A2z Car Removals is a car removal company that will offer you free car towing services without charging you for it. We offer a wide range of services to all our customers who want to sell their old, damaged cars in Auckland without any hassle.

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Free Unwanted Car Removal: Auckland

We will get you rid of your car almost immediately! How? We have a huge fleet of drivers who are willing to work all through the week, and the weekends. If you are a car owner in Auckland who wants to get rid of their car, without paying for additional towing or for pickup of your car, we are your person!

We have served thousands of Auckland-siders who lack the time and yet want to get rid of their old, unwanted vehicles in a responsible manner. Our car removal service is absolutely free of cost, and there will be no taxes levied on the pickup either. We just pick your car up and leave you with that extra space in your garage.

We Pay Cash for Cars Instantly

In case you have a car that you are looking to sell, do not hesitate to give us a call. A2z Car Removal is not just a car removal company, but also a professional car buyer in Auckland. We buy second-hand cars, old cars, damaged or abandoned vehicles in all conditions.

Also, we offer cash for cars (Auckland and its suburbs) instantly. Our instant cash payments are possible as our pickup driver will come to you for the vehicle pick up and make sure you get the price quoted to you right away.

Get Top Cash for Your Scrap Car

Not only do we give cash for cars, but we also offer top dollar up to $5999 for your scrap car in Auckland. We buy all types of cars, vans, utes, trucks, SUVs, 4WDs, etc. for cash and give you free pickup for them as well. Our pickup services and car valuation services are done free of cost in Auckland. We have industry-trained professionals working as our assessment team and customer management team. We make sure that our quotes are good enough for the customers to have a satisfactory transition from selling their old car. Our car valuation is done within minutes over a phone call and you are free to accept or reject this quote after.

 ‘Selling My Car was SO Easy!’

When it came to Stephanie’s car, no one in Auckland gave her good offers for the 2000 model of Toyota Corolla. She wasn’t expecting a very good price, but the offers she was getting were way worse. Once she found out about A2z Car Removals in Auckland, she called us for a quote. She was finally able to sell her car to us with a good amount of cash still left with her.

Selling my old car in Auckland was so easy once I got to know of these car buyers. They offered me the best price and I just couldn’t say no. The best part about them is that they did all my paperwork which I was dreading. I hate doing the paperwork and was more than happy to pay someone to do it, but these guys did it for free! It was a great deal.’

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Don’t wait anymore! Selling your car isn’t a struggle anymore. All you need to do is get in touch with us and we will take care of your old vehicle forever! No additional charges, no hidden fees, only good quality service and honestly friendly people! A2z Car Removal will offer great service that will compel you to refer us to your closest friends and family.

Just give us a call on 0210583527. You can also fill up the online quote form that will give us detailed information about you and will help us call you. Get in touch today and we will get your car out of your house before tomorrow!