The Questions you ask; the answers we give:

A to Z Car Removals understands that car owners with cars for sale have many questions about selling their cars to a car removal company. We have comprised the most asked questions for quick reference for the convenience of car owners with cars for sale.

  • Q. What Is a Car Removal Company?

    A. A Car Removal Company is a company that pays cash for the removal of cars. In other words, car owners have a car that they no longer have a use for, would like to quickly and conveniently sell the car, or it is in scrap or wrecked condition. A car removal company will buy the car and come to the location of the car owners to remove the cars at no cost. A to Z Car Removals is an Auckland based Car Removal Company that pays cash for cars in Auckland, NZ and provides free car removals to all car owners in the area selling their cars to us.

  • Q. How Much Cash Can I Get for My Car?

    A. The amount of cash that a car owner gets for their car depends on the various factors of the car, as well as the reputability of the removal company. A to Z Car Removals pays car owners to cash up to $5999 for the sale of their cars. We are a reputable removal company that is well established in the community and take all factors that make a car valuable into consideration.

  • Q. Will Car Removal Companies Buy Any Make & Condition of Car?

    A. Car Removal Companies may vary from company to company, but most car removal companies buy all makes & conditions of cars and provide free removals. You may find removal companies that only provide a free removal and do not offer a cash payment for the cars. Many removal companies buy cars in damaged, wrecked, old, and scrap condition to recycle the cars for their metals. Other removal companies, like A to Z Car Removals, buy used to wreck to scrap to damaged cars and provide free removals for any condition of cars.

  • Q. How Long Does It Take to Have Your Car Removed?

    A. That will depend on the car removal company. Typically, A to Z Car Removals can provide car owners selling their cars to us with removals within a few hours of their accepting our cash quotes.

  • Q. When Will I Get Paid for My Car Removal?

    A. Again, that will depend on the car removal company. With the competitiveness of removal companies, most, like A to Z Car Removals make instant cash payments at the time they remove the car.

  • Q. How Do I Get a Quote from A Car Removal Company?

    A. The best way to get a quote from car removal companies is to perform a local Internet search on car removal companies in your area. Most removal companies have instant cash quote forms on their websites or a number that you can call the company directly for a cash quote. Some companies may require that the car first is inspected. At A to Z Car Removal, we provide car owners with cash quotes over the phone and online.

  • Q. What Do I Need to Sell My Car?

    A. Typically, the car removal company will ask that you provide the title of ownership for the car or its scrap certificate. A to Z Car Removal prefers that owners have either the title or scrap title for their cars, but in some cases, we may be able to accept the registration for the car. A photo ID is also required.

  • For more information on our car buying services or for a cash, quote call A to Z at 0210583527.